You can rise above the storm


Love wins.

It feels good to be back to writing again. I have been away from the blog due to work commitments. I normally write whilst on the train commuting to and from work. The past few days I have been driving due to change in location of where I was working. Anyway, I attended a training … Continue reading Love wins.

The blessing that makes one rich and adds no sorrow ❤

What a privilege it is to wake up to God's promises! I was looking through the photos and came across this family photo that was taken last August 2016 in Copenhagen. It melted my heart. God has been good and gracious to us. It has not always been like this. As a family, we have … Continue reading The blessing that makes one rich and adds no sorrow ❤


Daughter’s love letter x

Today is befitting that I should honor you publicly. You have been a source of encouragement and wisdom. You are my sounding board, always available and ready to guide and stand in prayer for me and my family. Orphaned at 5years of age, you have very vague memories of both your parents. You did not … Continue reading Daughter’s love letter x


UK elections

Praying for our government as we await the results. May Godly counsel, wisdom and understanding reign in Number 10. May the government have a heart for family life, stand for what is true and lead with justice.  As parents and citizens we will not cower in fear over the plans of the enemy concerning our … Continue reading UK elections



"Do not hold God at arms length- Let Him have complete reign in your life" Pastor Alan, Avcc. Sometimes, life happens and it leaves you in a place of wanting control and being in charge. Having control gives you 'peace' and you feel in charge. O how I have struggled wanting to be in control!! … Continue reading Trust